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SforzandoPiano - Graphics and More

3 November 1989
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I'm a returning user, last active approximately spring/summer 2011. I spent the past three years teaching band, choir, and general music to 6th through 12th grade at a very small rural school. This fall I am returning to college to pursue a Master's of Music Education degree, and am also working as a Graduate Assistant in the music department.

Although I have grown a lot since I started this journal, I feel it is necessary to keep my old bio (below) so as not to forget who I was when I began writing here in 2009 or so.


I'm a Christian college girl, majoring in music education. I play the flute and piccolo, and am a huge "band geek". Aside from music, I love horses and art, and I have a thing for stuff from the 1980s.

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